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Feel Rich Advisor: Terry Williams

Terry Williams has served people at all levels, from common fitness enthusiasts seeking to tighten the physique to elite professional athletes aiming to tweak power and agility. He holds a master’s degree in health & human performance and is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has been a fitness trainer and professional writer since 2006, working relentlessly to combine his work with media to reach all who will listen and dare to challenge themselves for the improvement of their health. But long before the schooling and accolades came a simple, genuine passion to help others. Terry believes in packaging his knowledge into easily applied terms and connecting with clientele on a very personal level, inspiring people to not only listen and learn, but to be self-starters capable of giving their all.

His work has been featured in publications such as Livestrong.com, Houston Trend Magazine & FeelRich.com. One key tenet of Terry’s teachings and writing is a focus on easy ways to find cleaner eating options, in order to avoid rigid diet rules and fuel the body well while still enjoying life. Who wants to eat bland food? We should enjoy eating clean and looking lean. After all, health is the new wealth!

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