Healthy Snacks with Crystal Wall

Feel Rich -- 09/18/2012 05:00 AM

Crystal Wall shares her favorite to keep her kids snacking healthy and eating right.

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  • Crystal do you or would you make visit to pe classes. I teach 4th and 5th grade..would love tojave to talk about the health benefits and how dance is good fpr body for girls and boys….yvonne grant

  • What a great motivation. I’m a truck driver and it’s hard to eat healthy but you give great tips. Thanks I love it!

  • In recent years and later in my life, I returned to college to pursue a degree in healthcare administration. Along the way I also took a course, “Africa American Experience.” It was at that time I researched and wrote a paper, ” healthcare, the african american experience.” What was unveiled during that time freed my natural mind and has since inspired me to make a difference within healthcare, notwithstanding make lifestyle changes within my personal life.

    Subsequently, I completed my degree at age 49 and shortly thereafter ran my first 1/2 marathon. I also began volunteering within my community, namely, as a patient services committee volunteer for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society of Upstate, New York. Now, in response to a request to become a candidate for man of the year 2013, Leukemia Lymphoma society, but once again I am inspired. My inspiration stems from an awareness of the prevalence of Leukemia among African Americans and the limited awareness of resources within our communities, which may otherwise make a difference among minorities, and others diagnosed with Leukemia. Moving toward that end, and the need for furthering awareness of health and wellness and the dire need for understanding the true meaning of healthcare within Urban America (the hood), I am compelled to share, hoping to make a difference. Healthcare goes measurably beyond a trip to the ER when one feels ill or a scheduled visit to a primary care physician. In either case it is quintessential that we become and/or are enable to become advocates of our personal health and wellness. We need act now as we are, as in most cases, behind the eight-ball as a people. If I may be of assistance in this regard please let me know.

    Live Well:

    John Matthew Douglas

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