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Blair Underwood Talks Keeping Stress Levels Low

by Robin Downes -- 09/17/2012 05:00 AM

Blair Underwood stars in the the dramatic thriller “Woman Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day” which was released on DVD September 4th. The film is directed by award-winning filmmaker Neema Barnette, produced and distributed by Codeblack Enterprises and executive produced by T.D. Jakes for T.D.J Enterprises. Surpassing industry expectations, opening weekend, April 13, 2012, the film earned $6,376 per screen, beating “The Hunger Games” on average, and finished as the #1 independent feature its opening weekend.

Today I had the opportunity to do an phone interview with Actor, Director, Producer, Author and Fashion Line Representative – Blair Underwood.

The focus of the interview was on his experience during the filming of the dramatic thriller, Woman Thou Art Loosed: On The 7th Day. Underwood explained to me that “New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world. New Orleans, especially the French Quarter, is like a country unto itself. We shot the film in July of 2011. At this stage of my career, it is important that I do what I enjoy doing. Co-starring with a phenomenal actress, such as Sharon Lela, was also a joy. I had an incredible time.”

“Working with Director, Neema Barnett, she allowed me to direct. As an African American director woman it is a challenge out here. She reached out to me to be a part of the project and helped me to get into the Director’s Guild by giving me the opportunity to direct some of the scenes.” Underwood said.

I asked Blair Underwood how he prepared for a very powerful emotional scene. He shared “One of the things I appreciate about Neema as a Director is that she says, ‘I’m going to protect you guys’. We didn’t have the resources that you would have on a big budget film. With her as a director you have to rely on her vision that this film would come out with quality. The story is a very real situation and the fact that young black children are being kidnapped is a very real situation right now. Society looks to men to be strong, that everyone relies on. There comes a time in life where you may breakdown. We thought it was important to see this man in his own confines, deal with his own emotions. He was in a situation where he could not fix everything. That’s a very raw emotion. I think it’s important to not see him so cool and calm or just quietly simmering. We don’t have all the answers and that can lead to stress.

When asked how he personally coped with stress, Underwood proclaimed “My wife and I will be celebrating our 18th year anniversary. We often say to our kids, stop and breathe – take a slow deep breath. What happens is your whole body calms down and you can think more clearly about what your doing. The bigger issue is to go to your faith. What works for me, is to know that all of this is preordained. Our job is to learn the lesson. I am a Christian, I believe God has a plan. I believe he is not going to leave us hanging. If I did not have faith as a tool, as a man, in our society… I don’t have all the answers. Being able to turn it over to a higher power work for me.

On September 18th, the multi-talented Blair Underwood releases his latest book South by Southeast. The fourth installment in this award-winning mystery series draws actor-turned-super-sleuth Tennyson Hardwick into his most challenging case, compelling him to face the unthinkable: save his daughter or the woman he loves.

Additional projects for Blair Underwood include a Development/Talent Holding Deal with Universal TV and his own fashion line, BU Collection for K & G Fashion

“Part of keeping your stress level down, in this business, is not having all your eggs in one basket.” – Blair Underwood.


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