Stic of Dead Prez: Healthy is the New Gangsta

by Stic -- 05/30/2012 08:19 AM

I created RBG FIT CLUB because we all need a spark. We need something that can trigger us to tap into to that fire inside us. We need to see others doing what we want to do.  We need to be encouraged by those that have been where we are trying to go and have made it through what we may be in the midst of.  We need to learn and be a part of a community of like-minded, positive, focused individuals to support and encourage us.

When Shawn asked me to contribute to FEEL RICH I was honored because we share the same mission.   I want the FEEL RICH team and supporters to know that RBG FIT CLUB is empowering ourselves with the greatest of wealth, our health, just as the FEEL RICH slogan so eloquently states.

After refocusing my life on health I went back into the studio (which I affectionately call the dojo) and I had the sense that what I was developing this time around was bigger than hip hop music.  The 14 tracks on The Workout were more than an album, it is the soundtrack of a movement. That movement is RBG FIT CLUB.  We developed the five core principles that are advocated throughout the music and RBG FIT CLUB lifestyle that I represent.  Knowledge. Nutrition. Exercise. Rest. Consistency.

Of everything I’ve done in my career as a member of Dead Prez, my current album The Workout has been my greatest joy to create. My passion for Hip-Hop has been reenergized and reinvigorated because I took a creative chance and focused an entire project on the cause most dear to my heart: health, fitness and well being.

The Hip-Hop lifestyle that I “cut my teeth in”, was the early to mid 90’s when the blunt, the 40, and partying was all but engulfing. I lived in Hip-Hop mecca where Wu Tang Clan, Bigge Smalls, Tupac, Mobb Deep, Bone Thugs and Snoop Dogg spoke my story, and my comrades and I would listen endlessly to their voices as we smoked and drank ourselves to sleep only to wake up and hit the Chinese takeout spot for just enough to eat to keep our liquor down and quell our insatiable munchies.

After a long night of partying I went to use the bathroom & took a life-changing spill. The piercing pain forced me to the doctor’s office and I was diagnosed with gout. Gout is a toxic accumulation of uric acid stemming from my diet of blunts, booze and fast food binging. I had no choice but to get better, I had to make a change.

My wifey, Afya, was studying to become a nutritionist and helped me decide to heal naturally. I had a lot of changes to make. I had to stop smoking and change my Southern views on food. I became a Vegan and quickly realized my diet of chicken wings, burgers and unhealthy stuff was killing me.

After making various changes in my lifestyle and diet, not only did my body respond positively and vibrantly to the natural treatments, but mentally I was more positive and optimistic and enthusiastic about living. I became a dedicated martial arts student and over the past 12 years or so I have been able to study Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do and Afrikan fighting sciences as well. I also took up running and completed a 10k and a half marathon and am currently training for a marathon.

After my diagnosis I sat down in my little studio lab in ATL, and I knew I wanted to make an album unlike anything I had made before. I wanted to combine my experiences on my path of wellness with the excitement and enthusiasm I gained from the martial arts, vegetarianism, being sober and all the disciplines that contributed to sustain my positive change. I wanted to create something that was authentically Hip-Hop, with lyrics that affirmed a holistic, fit and healthy lifestyle. I wanted to do that for Hip-Hop. I wanted to do it for personal motivation. I wanted to challenge myself. I locked myself in the studio and with some help from some of my dearest comrades, in four of the most passionate, intense, inspired and spiritual weeks of my life The Workout was created and it didn’t stop there.

My energy couldn’t be limited just to music. After The Workout, I realized there was so much more to do, so I created RBG FIT CLUB. RBG FIT CLUB is a movement. There are no fees, no judgments, no bad attitudes, no gimmicks. RBG FIT CLUB is a sincere commitment, sharing of useful tips and info, and positive encouragement. Our community is growing and everyone is welcome as long as you come to train and to grow. There are beginners all the way to martial arts and yoga instructors, nutritionists, chefs, boxers, body builders, runners, and people from all walks of healthy living.

What has been key to my success is a wealth of inspiration and motivation. I believe when someone is inspired and motivated they can unleash their full potential. I have been so inspired, I just finished scoring a feature length documentary called Soul Food Junkies and I’m currently writing and producing Workout Vol. 2. My hope is what we are doing at RBG along with our comrades and friends in the trenches at Feel Rich you will be inspired to make a change and RAISE THE BAR.

Healthy is the New Gangsta,..stay G’d up!


Khnum “stic” Ibomu


Check out one of stic’s videos here and download The Workout on iTunes

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