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Eat like Slim Thug

Feel Rich -- 12/21/2011 08:00 AM

Slim Thug didn’t get fit eating McMuffin’s and breakfast burritos. Here is his diet plan created by his trainer, Milton Harris. You can use the same food plan to your liking to help get your eating on track and get slim like the Thugga himself.

During the week:

Two slices of whole-wheat bread
Two egg whites
Two slices of bacon

1 cup of oatmeal with cranberries and almonds

6-8 oz grilled chicken or salmon
1 cup Brown rice

3/4 cup tuna salad or chicken salad (made with light mayo)
Or 20 almonds and 1 cup of fruit

6-8 oz grilled chicken or salmon
1 cup Brown rice


Eat like this throughout the week and you’ll see a difference in just a few weeks. On the weekends, Slim relaxes his regimen a bit, but stays away from anything fried and watches his portions. If you incorporate some movement, a workout or a walk, you can add a small protein shake to the plan above. Stick to it and you’ll be as slim as Slim Thug, in no time.

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